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Black Forest Chocolate Cookies

Black Forest Chocolate Cookies
      To add to the growing list of great cookies to bake this Christmas, I almost overlooked these beauties.  They are so luscious and deeply chocolate tasting. And that’s before you get to the secret ingredient inside.  Put these on your must-bake list. Here’s the whole post:
      When is a cookie more than a cookie?  I’m tempted to say, this one truly takes the cake.  Or at least beats any version of Black Forest cake I’ve ever had.  It has almost all the same ingredients —the chocolate and the cherries but they’re much more sublime.  And the whipped cream in the cake is replaced with white chocolate in the cookie.  If you bake nothing else this summer, do bake these amazing examples of Andrew’s baking prowess!  The recipe came from “Baked: New Frontiers in Baking” by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito (Stewart, Tabori and Chang 2008).  You have to love these guys if only because they’re ex-advertising men who opened “Baked”, their eponymous bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2005 and have been creating incredible baked goods ever since.  All I can say is “Bravo”, as this pair have given Andrew inspiration for one great dessert after another.  A couple of little caveats:  the last time these were made, they were meant as a dinner party gift to a hostess.  Forgotten was the fact the batter has to rest for 6 hours or, in this case, overnight.  Second is the yield.  This gives you way more than the 24 cookies Matt and Renato promise.  It’s more like 40!  But the more the merrier with this cookie. It is a chocolate lover’s delight.  Biting into one of these cookies, there is more depth of chocolate flavor than in most chocolate desserts.  They truly satisfy the primal urge of every chocolate lover.   

Here’s the recipe:

5 thoughts on “Black Forest Chocolate Cookies”

  • Ok so you know I am not a cook but can bake. Your description of these cookies drove me to make them and I am glad I did. I think I ate 10 of them first out of the oven. Marcia

  • The perfect thing about tasting just like a Black Forest cake, but being a cookie? Everything! They can go in your pocket, pop easily in your mouth, you can fit more on a plate.. holy smokes Ana, slow down….

  • OK, Friday morning, I have 3 days that these will keep you say?? OK, printed up the recipe, the family has told me this is the new one to add to the cookie holiday must haves.. Thanks Monte! Gotta go bake now…

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