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The Absolute Best Chocolate Raspberry Cake Ever Baked 

The Absolute Best Chocolate Raspberry Cake Ever Baked 

Our dear friend Don was celebrating his birthday. And who wouldn’t want to make him the best Birthday Cake you could imagine? And wouldn’t you know who volunteered to bake it. Why Andrew, of course. This was before he heard that Don was inviting 18 […]

Olivia’s 13th Birthday and The Pink Cake from Vintage Cakes’s Julie Richardson

Olivia and the Pink Cake Left to right: Uncle Monte, Olivia and Uncle Andrew  Our god-daughter Olivia just turned 13 this month.  That’s a milestone in any girl’s life.  It’s also a pretty big one in ours too.  Andrew and I went to see her […]

The Perfect (Birthday) Party Cake adapted from Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking: From My Home to Yours”

         I was quite surprised to see that my Facebook Birthday reminders numbered 10 for this week.  It was by far the highest number I’d seen in a while and I wondered what on earth had caused this minor baby boom.  So I did some […]