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Guilty Pleasures:  Philly Cheesesteaks

Guilty Pleasures: Philly Cheesesteaks

I’m not going to lie to you: This is not health food but oh my, is it good. We all have them: foods that are somehow irresistible—even if their ingredients are sometimes questionable like the “Cheese” in Cheesesteaks or the quality of the beef that’s…

Three Great Additions to your Fall Cheese Boards: Sweet and Savory Bacon Jam, Fromage Fort and Toasted Walnuts and Raisins

 Top Left: Sweet and Savory Bacon Jam.  Center: Toasted Walnuts and Raisins Right: Fromage Fort           Simplicity itself: Toasted Walnuts and Raisins Fromage Fort with Garlic and Pepper I am always on the look-out for ways to freshen the tried and true.  …