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10 Most Popular Recipes of 2022

10 Most Popular Recipes of 2022
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From beautiful breakfasts to restaurant favorites, from sweets to spaghetti, and from new cooking techniques, here are the recipes our readers chose as their favorites this year.

Chewing The Fat published 124 recipes in 2022.  Some of them came in multiples: 7  recipes for cookies in one post, and 10 recipes for stews in another.  Stanley Tucci’s “In Search of Italy had two recipes on our top 10. And 2 from Stanley’s first season still landed in this year’s top 20. All in all, our 400,480 visitors explored 581,784 pages on 537,312 visits to the site. And there are still two days left in the year. For those who like our posts more than our statistics, here are our winners, starting with #10 and taking you all the way to number one. If they appeal to you, just click on the links –either on the page itself or the link below and go straight to their page. Bon Appetit!

#10 Bountiful Breakfasts to enjoy all year ’round

5 Favorite Christmas Breakfast Recipes

# 9 Stanley Tucci’s Calabrian Classic was a winner

Stanley Tucci Season 2022: A Calabrian Classic

# 8 Brussels Sprouts Fans put Ilili’s incredible recipe in this spot


Are these the Best Brussels Sprouts Ever? Ilili’s Brussels Sprouts

# 7 Did Chewing The Fat’s Original Recipe for Meatballs and Orzo proud!

White Meatballs, Fennel and Orzo in Broth

# 6 Sweet Tooths met their match with our Cookie Anthology

Our Most Popular Christmas Cookie Recipes Ever!

# 5 Stanley’s back with a truly unique recipe for Spaghetti…

Stanley Tucci: “Searching for Italy” Recipe: Puglia’s Spaghetti all’Assassina

# 4 We’re truly proud where this one ended up!

For Christmas! The original recipe for Monte’s Ham and Glaze

# 3 Lots and lots of readers wanted this Cranberry Tart recipe…



# 2 The whole world loves a great Baked Potato…


Finally, in the Number 1 position with at 3,000 page views just this month…our most popular recipe of the year!


Happy New Year! We’ll see you after January 1st!


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