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Of all the joys of Christmas, a great Christmas Breakfast has always been a part of ours.

Over the years, every Christmas Breakfast we’ve indulged in everything from Waffles to Pain Perdu (that’s French Toast to the rest of us). We have had plenty of wonderful egg dishes, of course.  We’ve ventured into Mexico and even India for Christmas morning flavors.  There’s even one that’s Gluten-Free if you so wish. Some of our breakfasts come together the night before and some are last-minute events. But the one thing they have in common is not a lot of time in the kitchen. We chose these recipes for breakfast for 2 or breakfasts for 6 to 8. They can all be scaled up or down.  And if you don’t see anything that appeals to you here, just click on this link for even more breakfast recipes: There’s a lot there.  And a lot here.

Baked Eggs are about the simplest Breakfast of all.

The prep time here is virtually non-existent. It’s time in the oven that brings this recipe in about half an hour.  A perfect amount of time to toast the Brioche bread to dip, buttered or not, into the glorious egg yolks.

Baked Eggs with Tomato Sauce, Spinach and Mascarpone

You might want to click on Melissa Clark’s recipe just to find out what Girl Scout French Toast is. 

Brioche gets a real boost in this recipe for ‘Pain Perdu’.  It’s the Crème Brule that makes all the difference here.  And if you’re a fan of Food Network’s “Chopped”, you will wonder why on earth the judges banned Pain Perdu from the program.

Melissa Clark’s Girl Scout or Creme Brûlée French Toast

How about a perfect waffle? Light as air, with a slight tang of Buttermilk, a crisp crust yielding a tender center.

All that’s missing from this fantastic recipe for waffles is the Maple Syrup.  Once you’ve discovered this recipe, it may well become part of a lot more meals than breakfast.  And this is a Gluten-Free version. But you can use regular flour if you don’t need to go Gluten-free.

A new flour brings great taste back to Gluten-free baking and our Buttermilk Waffles proved it.

We always loved England so of course, we love a “Full English” Christmas Breakfast.

The English pretty well-invented breakfast as we know it. Here’s how to put it all together on Christmas or any other morning. The real surprise here is that you can put this glorious meal on the table in a little over 30 minutes.

A Full English Breakfast

Finally, there’s one that’s a tribute to the amazing talents of the first Indian-born Chef to cook in a Fine Dining restaurant in New York City.

I leave it at that. You can read the story for yourself.  Here’s to a Christmas filled with love and laughter and a toast to the start of the end and a New Year brimming with hope and happier days ahead.

Floyd Cardoz’ Indian-Spiced Tomato and Egg Casserole

Merry Christmas to all from Andrew and Monte!

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