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Our incredibly talented friends at The Bridgehampton Florist set a fantastic and unexpected Thanksgiving Table.

With a little planning, we can make all 5 of our best Thanksgiving recipes ever!

I can’t think of a year when we don’t look forward to Thanksgiving. It’s just a week away from the big day but menu planning now makes life a lot easier then. I had my first phone call today about where to buy this year’s Turkey so at least one someone is planning ahead. And while Thanksgiving is all about tradition, adding a new take on traditional dishes is a wonderful way to make this Thanksgiving even more special. And there’s nothing more special to me than Turkey Day.

Did you know this is America’s 403rd Thanksgiving?

American Thanksgiving goes back to the first European arrival on these shores, in 1620.  That means 2023 is Thanksgiving’s 403rd year. Everybody in the country celebrates it from the Kashmiri Cab Driver to the Trinidadian Nurse to this Canadian immigrant.  It’s the most American of all holidays, even if Canada has something called “Action de Grace” or Canadian Thanksgiving.  This is held in October likely because, by November, the frozen north often lives up to its name.  Even the Brussels Sprouts have frost on them.

Here they are…the 5 Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipes on Chewing The Fat

We’ve had a terrific response to our Thanksgiving recipes. I thought we’d revisit the 5 most popular Thanksgiving Recipes. It’s my strong feeling that Thanksgiving isn’t the time for Tofurkey or experimenting of any kind.  It’s a meal so rooted in tradition that my goal is to make these classics the best they can be.  So for years, these recipes have been on our Thanksgiving table. Without further ado…here they are in reverse order.  Drumbeat Please!

The fifth most popular Thanksgiving recipe

A glorious side dish that combines Fall vegetables in a rich gratin that’s perfect with Turkey and Ham. Click on the link below and go to the recipe.



The fourth most popular Thanksgiving Recipe

What else? Our Ultimate Cranberry Relish!  This recipe was carried across the sea..so it’s not only a great Cranberry dish, there’s a story that comes along with it…




The third most popular Thanksgiving Recipe

A Dessert that puts together two Thanksgiving favorites – Pecans and Pumpkin in one spectacular cake that I wouldn’t just save for this holiday. I know this one’s become a Thanksgiving tradition in more homes than one…




The second most popular recipe ever

A gorgeous addition to what otherwise can be a very brown meal. It’s a wonderful beet and goat cheese salad. I’m nostalgic about this one because I first made it at my son and daughter-in-law’s home in California. It uses Laura Chenel’s Goat Cheese which makes it even more Californian. I brought it back home with me and now it’s a standby every Thanksgiving.


The most popular Thanksgiving Recipe…

Andrew’s Family Recipe for Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing.  Ever since we added red pepper to the mix, we’ve brought more color to this dish than ever before.  And well over one thousand people have viewed and raved about this recipe:


Happy Thanksgiving One and All! We’ll be back next week!

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