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Thanksgiving Way Out West: Beautiful Beets

Thanksgiving Way Out West: Beautiful Beets
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         We have had a lot of Thanksgivings that weren’t at home. I’ve always volunteered to cook and love doing it. The first-ever Thanksgiving with my son Alex and his family was one I will never forget.  It was my first West Coast Thanksgiving. I wanted to bring some color to the meal. Not only do beets bring a shot of color to the amazingly ‘brown’ Thanksgiving table, if you use the recipe for salad that appears here, your beets will look positively stunning. I also incorporated California’s own Laura Chenel’s Goat Cheese for a homerun.  Beets not only make a beautiful appearance in any buffet or on your Thanksgiving plates, they are almost invaluable once you discover this simple method for making them.  That’s because flying in the face of all those who would roast their beets, thereby taking up valuable space in the already overworked oven, these beets are prepared on the stovetop.  For flavor and to keep the beets from bleeding, you can add any one of three things: Lemon Juice to give them great tang, Orange Juice to sweeten the already sweet beets or Vinegar which basically pickles the beets as they cook.  The skins slip off the finished beets and you can then refrigerate them until you’re ready to use them. And you’ll lose count of the ways you can serve them.

First here’s the simple recipe for cooking beets on the stovetop:

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