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Day Fifteen of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Que c’est triste Venise

         The last port of call on Viking Star’s Mediterranean Odyssey was Venice.  Beautiful Venezia, La Serenissima, so-called because the once all-powerful city state was referred to in Italian as the Most Serene Republic of Venice or Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia. No matter how many […]

Day Fourteen of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Split and the Cetina River

A Bas-Relief Map of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace helps you get your bearings in Split          The Bell Tower of the Cathedral ofSt. Domnius dares from 1100 AD When I was growing up there was a rivalry between my hometown of Montreal and […]

Day Thirteen of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: You say Croatia, I say Hrvatska

         Of the six countries on Viking Star’s Mediterranean Odyssey, the only one I had never visited was Croatia, better known to its inhabitants as Hrvatska.   We made two stops there along the stretch of the country that makes up the Dalmatian Coast.  This where the […]

Days Eleven and Twelve of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Getting to know Viking Star and Corfu, I hardly knew you.

  On our Sea Day, we sailed past Stromboli at Sunrise. Called “The Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”,Stromboli is one of Italy’s 3 active volcanoes as seen in the steam rising from its core. Viking Star docked in Venice  There is only one sea day on […]

Day Ten of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: See Naples and Make Pizza.

        We sailed into Naples, mid-morning.  There is a famous quote about Naples…”Vide Napoli e Mori” which translates to “See Naples and Die”.  The phrase is not attributed to any author and is meant to suggest that once you’ve beheld the beauties […]

Day Nine of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Roma. A Sentimental Journey

Some things in Rome are eternal.  Like St. Peter’s and Vatican City         Others. like Campo de’Fiori are not so. For years, I’ve actively avoided going anywhere near Rome.  Despite travel to Italy over the years, I wanted to lock Rome in my […]

Day Eight on My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Florence, David and the Selfie Stick

David, 500 year old hunk          Initially, I’d signed up for a tour that took its participants into the countryside where we’d tour a winery and make ‘afternoon snacks’ called ‘marende’.  Now I lived in Italy and have gone there several times afterwards and I […]

Day Seven of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Putting the Monte in Monte Carlo

The smallest yachts in Monte Carlo.  The larger ones would fill the frame.          There’s something magical about just saying “I’m spending the day in Monte Carlo”.  This postage stamp Principality, which is actually the size of Central Park, simply reeks of money. Towering apartments shoot […]

Day Five of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Cabin Fever

         One of the differences between Viking and virtually all other cruise lines is that each voyage allows its passengers to board the ship and stay in port that day and the next.  This allows its passengers time to explore the ship thoroughly and settle […]

Day Four of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2. Aboard Viking Star at last!

First glimpse of The World’s Best New Cruise Ship of 2015          Day 4 dawned rainy and the roof top breakfast room at the Hotel Cram was filled with unhappy tourists.   I could not have cared less.  Because from the rooftop, I could see the […]