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Presenting The 5 Most Popular Super Bowl Recipes on Chewing The Fat

Presenting The 5 Most Popular Super Bowl Recipes on Chewing The Fat

All hail Super Bowl Sunday, played in controversy this year, in this age of controversy. But one thing is sure, there’s very little of that here. Because through the wonders of Google Analytics, I can assure you that the following 5 recipes are consistently at the top of the list of great things to eat this Sunday.

It won’t surprise you to know that Chicken Wings, of which some 1.3 billion were consumed last year, top the list.  Not just in position 1 but also #3 as well. The number one Super Bowl recipe of all time is for Salt and Pepper Chicken wings. This is my go-to chicken wing recipe and I could eat bowls full of these crispy, crunchy, wings at a time.  They’re about as easy as you get…just use copious amounts of salt and pepper and into the oven they go.





Sandwiched in between wings is my pride and joy.  # 2 is a recipe I created for Bourbon Chili. It’s a wonderful satisfying and warming dish. While it’s predicted to be 60 degrees in Atlanta and it will warm all the way up to 44 in Minneapolis, I’d still serve this chili. It’s a really easy thing to make with a taste as good as it gets.











#3, as mentioned, is another take on wings. Here they’re balsamic glazed. And they’re really a riff on the Granddaddy of all chicken wings, The Buffalo Chicken Wing. So if you’re into food history, you’ll love the story that goes along with these tangy sweet wings.






#4 is kind of cheat: It wasn’t published anywhere near any Super Bowl. However, I made an editorial decision to include it because a) I wanted to vary the menu away from the wings and b) I cannot get over how popular this post about making your own Gravlax is.  You have to get on this one Friday so Sunday you’ve got the most sensational salmon you’ve ever seen.








Finally, there’s #5. It was published to coincide with Super Bowl XLVIII. That Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks battle has the distinction of being the first cold weather city Super Bowl.  And it was played right across the river in East Rutherford NJ.  It also had the distinction of being one of the greatest routs in Super Bowl history as the Broncos went to defeat 43 to 8.But I digress.  The recipe is actually two recipes: One for cheesy lighter than air gougeres. And the same pastry is used to make Chocolate Eclairs!  They’re surprisingly easy to make. And the Eclairs will provide a sweet ending to Super Bowl Sunday no matter whether the Pats chalk up another win or the LA Rams are run off the field by some ardent Saints fans.

Click on the photos and they’ll take you right to the recipes. They are filled with stories of Super Bowls past.  And enjoy the Game!

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