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Two Great Recipes to use all those apples you picked! Apple Cake and Apple Pie Bars!

Two Great Recipes to use all those apples you picked!  Apple Cake and Apple Pie Bars!

Apple Picking Season is officially on.

New York State is the second-largest apple-growing state in the country. (Washington State is first.)  On Long Island, NY families have a long-standing tradition: A visit to the truly great apple farms of the East End.  Somehow our family apple farms have survived.  They’ve outlasted the taking of the South Fork by armies of urban dwellers, determined to plant houses on the last available acreage.  Fortunately, we have a group of citizens who are equally determined. The Peconic Land Trust’s mission is to preserve the open spaces that make our home so special.  They’ve succeeded.  They have literally saved 6000 acres and counting.  And on a lot of those acres, apples of innumerable varieties are ours for the picking.

Today’s recipes are two sweet ways to celebrate the Season.

About as far from Long Island as you can get, today’s Apple Pie Bar Recipe comes from Los Angeles’ Big Sugar Bakeshop.  Their Apple Pie Bar starts with a crispy buttery shortbread crust. That’s topped with a Granny Smith apple filling. And to top it off, a walnut-studded almond streusel. Or you may opt for Elizabeth Karmel’s Grandmother Odom’s Apple Cake.  This quick and easy bake has a thick, almost cookie-like batter. The apples provide their natural juice and give the cake a great moist texture.

And where do you find these fabulous recipes?

I have to thank my friends at HipSilver.  While I have been settling into our new house in Bridgehampton, I could hardly find the laptop under a sea of unpacking.  About a week ago, Hipsilver, a site “curated by and for women and men in their silver age, connecting them with products, ideas, and inspiration” asked to link to Chewing The Fat for today’s recipes. They wrote: “the idea of apple picking with your grandchildren, friends, and family is perfect. What to do with all those apples after a bit of exercise and gathering the fruit of the season.” So here’s to HipSilver and here are the links to their page and our recipes. https://hipsilver.com/blogs/articles/apples-cooking-picking-and-enjoying-with-family

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