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Tasting Notes: MonteRosola of Tuscany

Tasting Notes: MonteRosola of Tuscany
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MonteRosola is an Award-Winning Winery in the middle of the Tuscan wine-growing regions of Chianti and Bolgheri.

50 km from the coastal wine region of Bolgheri and 20 km from Chianti in the Tuscan hills, sits MonteRosola.  This relatively new vineyard has established its organic wines among the treasures of Volterra.

We were delighted to have been asked to share our experience. We tasted four organic wines from this extraordinary wine-growing region.  All award-winners, these wines are from a relatively new winery, MonteRosola.

Three generations of the Thomaseus Family, Proprietors of MonteRosola

Wine, olives, and wheat have been grown on this fertile terroir for hundreds and hundreds of years. However, serious winemaking only began at MonteRosola in 1993. And, in 1999, a German family bought the property with its farmhouse. Called “La Rosola”, “Poppies” in the local dialect, this stone-built property dates to 1480.  It was built as a watchtower. Its 25 hectares now produce both white and red wines. Its vineyards are planted amidst olive groves, woodlands, valleys, and pastures. In 2013, the Thomaseus family of Sweden purchased La Rosola. They quickly embarked on an ambitious program. They expanded their vineyards and switched to organic production. The family then built a world-class cantina and visitor center for wine-tastings and events.

The Terroir: a perfect environment for wine production.

From its hilltop, MonteResola overlooks ancient farmland. Wines have been produced here since the Etruscan Age 3000 years ago.  The clay soil is mineral-rich and fertile. It is similar to that of Montalcino and its famous Brunello.  The inherent natural qualities of MonteRosola may even surpass those of Montalcino.  Planted across rolling slopes, the perfectly structured soil is well-drained. Even when rainfall is heavy, it gently flows down to the valleys below. Add to that a constant gentle breeze that keeps the vines dry and disease-free. Since 2013, the Thomaseus’ have planted acre after acre of their organic vineyard. Eventually, the family plan on creating 140,000 bottles a year. These are extraordinary wines, ranking among the best in Tuscany. They are celebrated as remarkable bargains given their extremely high quality.  We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to savor four of MonteRosola’s finest.

Here are the wines we sampled.  With them, some ideas for Pairings with Chewing The Fat recipes for memorable meals and great wine.

Mastio, Ruby-red, the hint of ripe fruit on the nose, red cherries, strawberry, almonds, and green herbs come together in a bold and elegant wine.

This wine really belongs with red meat. Its bold flavor adds an infinite richness to a carnivore’s passion.  It’s an outstanding selection when you serve it with Peposo, an extraordinary Tuscan Beef Stew.  The story behind the stew is one we love.  Pairing Monterosolo’s Mastio creates a meal that is a salute to Tuscany. Click on the photo to go to the Peposo recipe.

Crescendo, Deep Garnet in color, rich cherries, hints of herbs, oak, and spices, this is a Super Tuscan dream wine.

With its earthy nose, full-bodied and bold flavor, we think it’s the perfect wine to serve with this great recipe for Porchetta.  This flavorful and most economical roast from neighboring Umbria can stand up to the Monterosolo’s Crescendo, enhancing your dining experience. Click on the photo of our Porchetta to go to the recipe.

Cassero, Straw-yellow in color, this sophisticated wine is a single variety Vermentino, a perfect aperitivo to drink all the way through dinner.

Its elegant aroma hints at white flowers, pears, grapefruit, and white peaches. Its minerality gives MonteRosolo’s Cassero a beautiful balance on the palate.  It is an ideal accompaniment to the simplest of fish preparations. This one is from the Venetian native who taught Americans how to cook Italian, Marcella Hazan.


Primo Passo, its warm golden color leads the way to intense elegant aromas in a wine that’s complex and beautifully structured.

Ripe apricot, peach, citrus zest, and minerality give way to a hint of sweetness.  Silky and well balanced, Monterosolo’s Primo Passo has great depth of character. It’s a perfect complement to an Italian-American Roast Chicken classic. Our take the iconic dish served at Rao’s in New York City. Click on the photo to see how to make it at home.





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