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What to Eat in Ireland and Where by Natasha Devine

What to Eat in Ireland and Where by Natasha Devine

My partnership with Travel-Wise is growing almost as fast as this fantastic travel resource is.  When I publish at www.travel-wise.com, my Editor sends me an article for Chewing The Fat.  Today’s post is from a writer named Natasha Devine.  In it, Natasha not only gives […]

Two hams gone wrong…and two recipes that could have saved them…Cuban Pernil and Pigeon Peas and RIce

                        Ingrid Hoffman’s Recipe for Cuban Pernil uses a Fresh Ham as its start off point.          Much to my absolute horror, my dear friend, Ann Legette in Greensboro, NC, sent me the following […]

The Ultimate Cranberry Citrus Relish

Jill Clark and I have been cooking together since she was in Dr. Denton’s. We’ve had so many great holidays together that The Making of the Cranberry Sauce is an annual event. And it’s taken place all over the map—even in Hong Kong. Several years […]