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White Bolognese with Pennine adapted from Amanda Hesser in The New York Times

Amanda Hesser of Food 52 and The New York Times         This terrific recipe checks off at least 3 boxes on my list. First, nothing is more comforting on a winter night than a bowl of pasta with a really great sauce.  This fits that…

Leftover Lessons: "Greek" Lamb with Orzo or Orecchiette

Leftover Lessons: "Greek" Lamb with Orzo or Orecchiette

“Greek” Lamb with Orzo “Greek” Lamb with Oricchiette          Amanda (l.) and Merrill (r.) Food 52 is a food ‘community’ headed by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs.  Amanda is likely most famous from having edited the Essential New York Times Cookbook, the 2010 revision of…

Braised Chicken with Garlic Scape Puree

Garlic Scapes          My friend June, an avid reader of Chewing the Fat, sent me a message recently because she simply could not find an ingredient in one of our recipes. She went to four different stores looking for something I could have bought at…

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