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There’s no better way to make a French Omelette than with French Butter!

There’s no better way to make a French Omelette than with French Butter!
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And there’s no greater authority on Omelets than Marc J. Sievers 

Marc Sievers is a man on a mission. He seeks to “encourage home cooks to keep learning, celebrating and having an adventure in your kitchen”.  Marc has self-published a total of three cookbooks. He also has a YouTube Channel! All of Marc’s books can be bought at https://www.marcsievers.com/ecommerce  “Entertaining with Love” contains “Inspired Recipes for Everyday Entertaining. “Table for Two” features “Cooking and Entertaining for You and Your +1.  But it’s his latest book that we delve into today.  Marc will show us how to conquer the Omelet in its simplest form: The Simple French Omelette made with the finest French butter.

“Practice makes Perfect” which is why we went to Marc…

Cows at Isigny Saint Mère


My goal was to cook with the superb Beurre d’Isigny, one of only three kinds of butter with “Protected Designation of Origin” (AOP in French).  In order to claim this label, Isigny butter has to be produced in a specific region, using only local milk and following rigid production methods.   Isigny is a region of Normandy.  Located close to the sea, its pastureland is irrigated by five rivers.  Its cows produce milk that gives Isigny butter and cream unparalleled smoothness and flavor.  This butter is renowned for its natural golden color and a flavor with a hint of hazelnut.  It’s ideal for making today’s recipe: Marc’s Simple French Omelette.

What you need “Before You Get Started”

Marc elaborates more fully in “French Omelettes” but here are the basics.  Small prep bowls are essential and should be at the ready since the omelet itself cooks in 20 to 30 seconds! Marc cooks with extra-large eggs which he stores at room temperature. Unsalted French butter is his first choice. Marc does not refrigerate his. He keeps it out covered with a tight-fitting lid. “The real key to making the quintessential French omelette”, Marc says, “is the perfect omelet pan”. His is Calphalon’s ® Contemporary Nonstick 10-inch Omelet Pan. And we’re off to make ours. Just follow Marc’s recipe. And here it is followed by some other Egg recipes you will enjoy.

Before the recipe, sincere thanks to Marc J. Sievers for his collaboration on this post! And special thanks to The Bridgehampton Florist for introducing us.

Simple French Omelette from Marc J. Sievers

February 16, 2021
: Makes one omelet. Adjust quantities to make more.

This classic French bistro staple doesn't have to be perfect to make a great impression.


  • Eggs – 2 extra-large, at room temperature, as fresh as possible
  • Sea Salt – ¼ teaspoon
  • Black Pepper – ¼ teaspoon, freshly cracked
  • Butter – 1 tablespoon, unsalted, at room temperature, French recommended
  • Step 1 In a small bowl, beat the eggs, salt, and pepper until the yolks and whites are fully incorporated.
  • Step 2 Place a 10-inch nonstick frying pan over high heat. Allow the pan to get very hot, but not smoking.
  • Step 3 Add the butter and swirl it around to evenly coat the bottom and sides of the pan. Once the butter is completely melted and the foam has started to subside, pour the eggs into the center of the butter (be careful to not let the butter turn brown).
  • Step 4 Allow the eggs to sit for just 5 – 10 seconds before you begin swirling the pan over the heat, until the edges just start to cook, and the center of the eggs begins to bubble.
  • Step 5 Continue the swirling motion for another 5 – 10 seconds. Once the eggs begin to set and there is just a little bit of wetness in the center, jerk the pan several times back and forth in order to fold the eggs onto themselves. The finished omelet will end up in the far lip of the pan.
  • Step 6 Grasp the handle of the pan from underneath and rest the far lip of the pan (where the omelet has formed) slightly off-center onto the bottom of a dinner plate.
  • Step 7 Gently turn the pan upside down over the plate to drop the omelet into position.
  • Step 8 Et voilà – the perfect French omelette!

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