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A Top 10 Winner! Linguine with Creamy Tomatoes and Shrimp

A Top 10 Winner! Linguine with Creamy Tomatoes and Shrimp
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Scott Conant, Chef and
Pasta Tester 
           After I’d made this dish, it came as no surprise to learn that Food and Wine had named it one of 10 Best Pasta dishes when it first appeared in 2010.  Judging the 10 Best were several chefs not known not known to be pushovers – especially in this category.  All three had been named Best New Chefs of the year. There was Scott Conant of Scarpetta in New York and Miami, a chef known for his particularly strong background in pasta cooking. What he may even be better known for is his appearances on the Food Network show “Chopped”.  There, he will figuratively run a contestant out of the kitchen if raw red onion appears on any plate put in front of him.   He was joined at Food and Wine’s judging table by two other chefs who know their way around an Italian kitchen:  Mark Vetri of Vetri and Osteria in Philadelphia and Michael Schlow of Radius and Via Matta in Boston. 

Grace Parisi,
Recipe Developer
Par Excellence!
          The recipe is from Grace Parisi who is one of my all-time favorite creators in the kitchen.  Grace’s dish is a gift to anyone who wants maximum impact with minimal effort.  I did toy with it a bit:  I felt it needed the heat of some Aleppo Pepper Flakes.  I realize that these may not be as readily available as the ubiquitous red pepper flakes, but to me, they’re ‘juicier’ and it’s worth the effort of ordering them on line from www.kalustyan.com if you can’t find them in your market. Sweet Grape tomatoes are year round favorites giving ripe tomato flavor no matter the month.  The lemon zest and lemon juice give just the right amount of kick to the dish.  It’s done in a flash after you’ve pulled the roasted tomatoes out of the oven.  All in all a keeper.  Here’s the recipe:

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