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Spaghettini with Shrimp, Tomatoes and Chile Crumbs From Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen

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Dan Kluger and his boss,
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
in the ABC Kitchen
         In July, Food & Wine magazine announced its picks in its annual “Best New Chefs” issue.  And it came as no surprise to us at all that the magazine had selected Chef Dan Kluger as one of the twelve.  If you’ve been lucky enough to snag a table at ABC Kitchen in the Manhattan store of the same name, you’ve experienced why.  The fresh flavors and unique spins on old favorites like Eggs Benedict have seduced us.  We’ll take a seat at the always-packed bar any chance we get.  The restaurant at 35 East 18th Street (Tel: 212-475-5829) is just two blocks north of the Union Square Greenmarket, the largest and arguably best Farmer’s Market in all of New York.  In fact, Chef Kluger met the man behind ABC Kitchen at the Market.  You may have heard of him: Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  According to the chef, the pair bonded at a stand called “Berried Treasures” and before he knew it, Chef Kluger had a new job heading up Jean-George’s Farm to Table Restaurant in the ABC store. 

         When we were perusing Food & Wine, we couldn’t resist Chef Kluger’s contribution: A very beautiful bowl of pasta, a summer-y dish if there was one.  It was filled with glorious sunny golden cherry tomatoes in a fresh tomato sauce loaded with shrimp.  Topping this off was a sprinkling of breadcrumbs.  Closer inspection of the recipe only made us hungrier to make it: The breadcrumbs are spiced with red pepper and lemon zest.  Making them is about the only time- consuming part of the whole dish, but even then, you can have this dinner on the table in 45 minutes.  Here’s the recipe:

5 thoughts on “Spaghettini with Shrimp, Tomatoes and Chile Crumbs From Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen”

  • Monte, this looks beyond words DELISH! I'm making it tomorrow night. We're having your/Tyler's crabcakes for leftovers tonight. (They were a hit, too!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I kinda feel like "Julie and Julia" except it's "Kate and Monte" cuz I cook so many of your recipes. No duds, they've all been awesome so far.

    If I have an idea/ingredient in mind I search your blog and more often than not, a recipe comes up with the ingredient I had in mind.

    Many thanks, Monte. You're the best!

    Kate in Alberta, Canada 🙂

  • Dear Kate, You have no idea how much that means to me! I do put a lot of effort into this blog and it's such a delight to know that it's something you use and like. That Tyler recipe really is a killer but frankly I think it's all about the basil mayo! If you ever have a special request, please feel free to ask and I'll dig up something for you personally. My fellow Canadians mean a lot to me. All best, Monte

  • Oh my goodness but this was MAH-VELOUS! Yum yum yum.
    And a good reason to open a nice bottle of vino. 🙂

    Thanks, Monte!

    Kate in Alberta

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