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Quick Chicken Parmigiano

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        Who doesn’t need a weeknight supper they can get on the table in under 30 minutes?  This dish from Fine Cooking is a keeper.  It really was on the table in no time.  It’s got a lot of flavor and crunch.  It gives you the pleasure of fried food but it’s not.  It’s sautéed.  The secret here is Panko breadcrumbs.  These great Japanese imports are a terrific addition to any pantry.  They’re far superior to Italian breadcrumbs. You can even find them at Whole Foods in a whole wheat variety.  The other tip here is to use the recommended Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomatoes.  They really have a significantly better taste than ordinary diced tomatoes.  Of course, they’re organic but they’re only slightly more expensive than plain old diced tomatoes.  Then there’s the cheese.  Parmigiano is a staple at our house. I always have it on hand. 
On the other hand let’s talk about the mozzarella.  First off, please let’s all take that dreadful supermarket stuff off the table.  It’s simply awful cheese. Even when you grate it, you end up with strands of the stuff that taste just like plastic.  Fresh mozzarella is a completely different cheese.  Yes, it’s more expensive but well worth every nickel.  But if you really want to notch things up considerably, look for two of its cousins; Buratta which is increasingly available and yes, at 9.99 a “boule”, an extravagance. There’s also Straciatella, another creamy delicious white cheese that puts Sargento to even deeper shame.   But Straciatella is not as widely available here.  So go with fresh mozzarella or buratta and make this wonderful dish a weeknight special.    We served this with some simply steamed Zucchini and Summer Squash rounds.  Here’s the recipe for 4 servings.  You can easily half it although I’d make the whole tomato sauce recipe and store what’s leftover for your next home pizza.  Here’s the recipe:

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  • This is actually one of my favorites! Not too fattening, but very filling and satisfying! Oh yippee – I'm all over it! Thanks Monte!

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