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Day Six: Ten Great Things to do on a Sea Day aboard a Viking Ocean cruise

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Rise and Shine! It’s At Sea Day on Viking Sea’s Maiden Voyage
Viking at Sea

         On Viking Star there was only one.  On the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea, there would be three of them but for us, just one.  Sea Days. These port-less hours are prized by cruisers for their happy exploration of whatever ship they’re sailing on.  And they are especially prized on Viking. If there is one thing that’s missing on Viking’s port-intensive itineraries, it’s an abundance of time to enjoy every wonderful amenity on this amenity-loaded ship. I confess to afternoons spent aboard ship simply for that purpose.  But if you adhere to Viking’s port calls, here are ten things not to be missed on your Sea Day.

1. Today is the perfect day for a Room Service Breakfast.

Whether you go all out and have breakfast in bed, or whether you opt for fresh air with your fresh orange juice on your balcony, Sea Days seem the ideal time to loll about in your stateroom. 

2. A  Spa Visit is in order.

Whether you choose to just lollygag about in the steam room or the sauna, or in a tribute to its Nordic origins, stand in the snow room while snow swirls about, the Spa beckons.  Or do as we did and book massages, facials, mani pedis for a fee.  You can book these right on the monitor in your stateroom.

3. Attend an enrichment talk.

If you are guilt-ridden about not learning anything today from a port visit, assuage that guilt by attending one of these.  On our port day, the topics ranged from “Energy, Resources and the Future of Our Seas and Oceans” to “The Art of the British Isles”. Or never get out of your peejays and catch a TED talk on the big screen TV in your stateroom.

4. Take part in a Cooking Competition.

You knew I’d be a sucker for this.  Along the lines of “Chopped”, the television show where contestants are given a basket of odd ingredients, under the guidance of the Executive Chefs, teams of officers compete in this crazy cook-off.  It’s all in good fun and builds appetites for lunch.

That table in the background is # 101.

5. Have lunch in The Restaurant.
The main dining room is open today for lunch.  So instead of the World Café’s buffet, opt for table service and sit back and enjoy the spectacle of the ocean outside your window.   Tip: If you want a truly private table for two, see if #101 or #1 is available.  They overlook the stern in solitary splendor.

Cosy up to Greta Garbo in the Star Theater

6. Catch a movie.

Much to the amazement of the Press contigent, one of our number was said to have binge-watched the in-stateroom TV most of the voyage.  In Room movies let you do that. But if you want company, Sea Days feature a Matinée from the comfort of a couch in the theater. Or wait until dark when a “Movie under the Stars” is shown on the pool deck.

7. Learn to Dance.

There’s a whole dance troupe aboard Viking Ocean. These entertainers perform nightly and on sea days, they’ll teach you to dance.  Ours featured the Bachata, which is native to the Dominican Republic… a long way from home on the Bay of Biscay where we were sailing.

8. Have a Martini at 3:30 and Tea at 4.

Seriously, there was a Martini tasting in the Night Club, Torshavn, at 3:30 in the afternoon.  You had to sign up for this and, sorry, there was an extra charge.  Free, and really delightful, is tea served in The WinterGarden.  The selection of teas and phenomenal pastries made this a perfect place to wile away an hour.

9. If Martinis aren’t your thing…how about Armagnac?
Think of it as just another learning opportunity.  Gascony was right off the starboard side of Viking Sea.  It is where  Armagnac, the oldest brandy distilled

in France, is made. So I contend you can call your foray into its distinctive taste, yet another example of lifelong learning via Viking.

10. Play shuffleboard, miniature golf or team trivia. Or learn about Tanzanite or Tissot watches. Listen to Norwegian music or guitar or piano or a trio of classical musicians. Or go hear Broadway show tunes in the Atrium.  Attend an evening of Cabaret in the theater. Have a nightcap at the Aquavit Bar, Explorers’ Lounge, the Viking Bar or in Torshavn. It’s all up to you.  And that’s not just the best part of your Sea Day, it’s the best part about Viking Cruises and all they can do for you.

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