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Galette of Late Summer Vegetables with (or without) Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream

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Melissa Clark is one of my all-time favorite recipe makers. I look forward to her weekly columns in the Times one of which is called
“A Good Appetite”.   I sometimes think it also be called “Playing with Your Food” because Melissa treats her readers to any number of machinations and generally allows her followers free reign with her recipes.   And that’s exactly what I did with a recent foray Melissa took us on into the world of the galette.  A galette and its Italian cousin the crostata are free-form pastries that require no pie plate or tart pan. Instead dough is rolled out flat in something approaching a round shape, the filling is loaded on top and the edges of the dough are folded over the filling.  It’s completely undemanding and if filling oozes out of the side that’s all chocked up to the rustic charms of this particular offering.   Real butter is must when making the pastry and using the best filling you can find will turn out a gloriously golden dish that even the most novice baker can be proud of.   Andrew has shared his share of galettes and a superb crostata which you can find using the search function on the left side of this page.  But this would be our first savory version of the dish.  But I seemed to remember that pleasure of these was greatly increased when topped with a scoop of ice cream.  So when he and I made this one, I couldn’t help but wonder if that wouldn’t also be true here.  So I made Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream to top off our dish.  But first we made the galette.

Melissa Clark had pointed out that once get the hang of it, you can basically write your own recipe. Whatever fruit is in season, and in this case, whatever leftover vegetables you have or whatever you found irresistible at the Farmer’s market can be pressed into use here.  We’d made a stew of onions, red peppers and fennel that filled the leftover requirement.  To that we added eggplant, summer squash and zucchini, and plum tomatoes all of which we roasted while the whole wheat crust rested in the fridge.   Melissa called for goat cheese, never a huge hit with Andrew and so we substituted a round of Boursin.  The dish also got a hit of heat with the addition of some hot chile peppers.  Into the oven it went and presto!  We served it with a salad for a light meatless meal.  On day two, I added a scoop of freshly made Cheddar cheese ice cream the recipe for which, follows. But don’t let the lack of ice cream stop you from making the galette.  It will please you all by itself.  Here is the recipe:


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