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Grilled Sirloin Steak Salad with Seasonal Vegetables and Asian flavors

Grilled Sirloin Steak Salad with Seasonal Vegetables and Asian flavors
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         My dear friend, Cate, who bears more than a passing resemblance to the other Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, came to lunch over the weekend.  Cate, of course, asked that I not go to any trouble.  So I really didn’t. Still I wanted to give her treatment worthy of her namesake, so I went on the hunt for a great salad to serve.  Cate is not your seafood salad type—she’s deadly allergic to shellfish.  So that was out. But what was in was steak.  And so off I went in search of steak salad recipe that would take as much advantage as possible of the avalanche of perfect vegetables all grown within a mile of our house.  And boy, did I find one!


I read R.S.V.P in Bon Appetit every month.  This column brings us Reader’s Favorite Restaurant Recipes.   It’s my guess that those who take the time to write must have been bowled over by whatever dish it is they want the recipe for.  They certainly outdo themselves to be noticed by the Editors: Take, for instance, the request for the recipe I used as the basis for my Grilled Steak Salad. George D. McCoy of Raleigh NC phrased his request as follows: “Dear Bon Appetit, Please, Kind Person of Great Influence, would you try to obtain the recipe for Grilled Hanger Steak from Jujube in Chapel Hill NC?”. That kind of enthusiasm always impresses me.  So after a quick look at the asian-inflected ingredient list, I was off making my version of Jujube’s recipe. I did change out a couple of ingredients: I substituted local red radishes for the Daikon in theirs.  I also garnished the dish with halved cherry tomatoes.  But the biggest one of all was that  I went for sirloin steak

Jujube’s Grilled Hanger Steak
with Cucumber Salad

instead of their hanger cut. That added to the cooking time and, as far as I’m concerned added to the dish. It wasn’t until sitting down to write this that I actually went to the Jujube website and much to my astonishment, their version of this salad– Grilled Hanger Steak with Cucumber Salad– pictured here, could not have looked more different than mine!  But if Jujube’s tastes half as good as mine, I am sure that George D. McCoy of Raleigh NC would enjoy every bite.  Here’s my version of the recipe:


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