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Blackberry or Blueberry or Raspberry or Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

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         Today, I wanted to share a really terrific cake that Andrew made last weekend…twice.  The tangy buttermilk makes the cake so deliciously moist and adaptable to any one of those gorgeous berries that are at our Farm Stands right now.  It lets the flavor of the fruit come through because it’s topped with a dusting of powdered sugar  which takes nothing away from the berries but gives you a sweet and decorative finish.  As delicious as it is, that’s not really the reason Andrew made it twice.  Read on…

Berries at Country Garden, Scuttlehole Road, Bridgehampton NY
         Andrew is justifiably  famous for his desserts.  It’s almost inevitable that he volunteers to provide whomever our dinner host or hostess is with one of his incredibly wonderful sweets.  Last weekend was no exception.  In fact, it was a tour de force.  Our friends Kathy and Ian were house guesting with us  and Andrew ended up making all of five sweets.   Well six, if you count this recipe twice.  Here’s what happened. 
         The first beautiful berry cake perfumed the house with the most wonderful scent.  Emerging from the oven, it cooled while warming the house with berry air.   Since this is almost an upside down cake,  Andrew then took our cake stand and inverted the baking tin.  Unfortunately, disaster struck and the cake stand broke into a lot of shards of glass as it hit the marble countertop.   The cake was obviously inedible except that Andrew scooped off some of the fruit and dug carefully to sample the cake itself.  It was so good that he immediately took off back to the farm stand for more blackberries for a second and highly successful attempt.   That convinced me that this is a recipe to share with you.  It takes a while in the oven, but apparently it’s easy enough that if pressed, you can make two of them in an afternoon.  The recipe, by the way, is from July’s Bon Appetit. 
Here it is:


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      • Dear Jean, Andrew says that if you like the tartness of rhubarb and the sweetness of the strawberries, you don’t have to raise the quantity of sugar. If however, you taste the mixture after you have combined the ingredients and you find it not to your liking, you can add sugar at that point and just cook the berry mixture a little longer. Hope this helps.

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