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Bill’s Big Carrot Cake

Bill’s Big Carrot Cake
        This past weekend, we were delighted to have friends from Mexico here for dinner. Whenever they visit, we try to stick to classic American food.  In this case, Ribs, Corn on the cob with Basil Lime butter and Carrot cake.  Carlos and his friend, Tachi, are a great audience.  Carlos really enjoys his food and he’s always very enthusiastic about whatever we serve him.  But I have to say that this Carrot Cake knocked Carlos right out of the ballpark.  He was so impressed by it, that he wanted the recipe on the spot.  Andrew and I said goodbye with a promise that we’d put in on Chewing the Fat as soon as possible.  So here it is.  And it is exceptional in every way.

        The recipe comes from the great Dorie Greenspan.  Across the top of the recipe Andrew has written * OUTSTANDING *.  And it truly deserves this accolade.  Dorie gives full credit and names it after its original creator, a jeweler named Bill Bartholomew who apparently appeared frequently with it at the Greenspan’s door.  I am sure he received a warm welcome every time he did.  The cake is not one of those spice cakes masquerading as a Carrot Cake.  It is full of grated carrots, shredded coconut, walnuts and raisins. Then there’s a lemon-y cream cheese icing.  What’s nice about this is that it is used between the layers and on top of the cake but not on the sides so it never overwhelms the carrot-y goodness.  Try this and I think you’ll never look for another Carrot cake recipe again. 

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