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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Tyler Florence-style…with his Ultimate Beef Fajitas

Napolean III of France       Ah Cinco de Mayo, a chance for Americans to celebrate their neighbor to the south, Mexico.  And this year, given all the campaign rhetoric, those of us who love that country, really should go out of our way […]

My new Molcajete and Diana Kennedy’s recipe for Guacamole con Tomate Verde (adapted)

My new Molcajete and my first Guacamole made in it. Bridgehampton Tomatillos          Nothing says summer like Guacamole and although we’re thousands of miles from both Mexico and that capital of Guacamole, the state of California, we’re proud of what we’re able to make right […]

Summer Fun! Authentic Guacamole, a Fig and Honey Salad, and a make-your-own Soft Drink

        Today I wanted to share three recipes that are fast and fun and amazingly delicious all at the same time. A true Molcajete, sold at Williams-Sonoma         First up, a recipe for that great summer favorite, Guacamole.  Every year, we look forward […]