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Let’s Circle the Globe with Silversea! Come along for a preview of its 2023 World Cruise

Let’s Circle the Globe with Silversea! Come along for a preview of its 2023 World Cruise
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Silversea is set to sail on the most unique itinerary in World Cruise History

A Vista Suite on Silver Shadow. This entry-level suite is 287 square feet of luxury with an enormous bathroom and walk-in closet.

I had the distinct pleasure of sailing on Silver Shadow 3 years ago. Now the ship has been chosen to bring back Silversea’s World Cruise Program for 2023. Since I sailed on her, she’s undergone a transformation that makes her more elegant than ever.  Her suites now bear the line’s latest expression of Italian Design and Luxury.  A Butler is assigned to each one of them. Gastronomic Adventures abound. Passengers can experience French Cuisine one night and Italian the next. Regional specialties and classic favorites are always on the menu in The Restaurant. With its enrichment programs, wellness classes, musical performances ranging from classical to contemporary, the ship is a pleasure dome for sophisticated travelers. Its entry-level suites measure a full 287 sq. ft.

Over 80 percent of its suites have private verandas. These lavish accommodations become private sanctuaries as passengers explore the globe. Ashore, in some of the world’s most unique places, included shore excursions will bring the world alive.   Inspiring performances, events, and celebrations will provide never-to-be-forgotten experiences in 66 ports on 5 continents during the 139-day voyage. Come along to CruiseJournal.com to experience “South Side Story: All The World’s A Stage”

To Introduce the World to its World Cruise, Silversea pulled out all the stops with a Video Production second to none. 

Without further ado, please click here and see the entire trip unfold before your eyes in an article I penned for CruisingJournal.com




2 thoughts on “Let’s Circle the Globe with Silversea! Come along for a preview of its 2023 World Cruise”

  • Would love to take another Silversea adventure. Just wish for a trip this long we could bring our little cat.

    • Is it a service cat? I swear I saw a dog in someone’s picture wearing one of those red jackets. Was it your aunt Delores who was a regular on Cunard world cruises? All best, Monte

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