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Poached Salmon with Minted Yogurt Sauce

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Cooking is often the most Zen activity of my day. Especially when I come across a recipe that is elegant in its simplicity, beautiful to look at as I am preparing it and finally, a wonderful experience when it is eaten.  This recipe, which came from Food and Wine, falls right into that category.  It’s so soothing looking that I made its cooking the main illustration above.  With its parsley and dill branches looking like reeds in a stream, it’s a treat just to look at.  But the surprise came when we tasted our first bites.


I had not poached salmon for quite a while, choosing instead to broil or pan saute the fish.  I had almost completely forgotten how tender poached salmon can be—blissfully so in this case.  Add the minted yogurt sauce and you have a combination of sweet salmon and tart sauce.  The mint has the added bonus of perfuming the sauce.  The simple potatoes are something I make often. Into a small cast iron pot goes about a cup of little reds and yukons per person, a knob of butter and a few turns of the salt and pepper grinders and in about a half hour, after a 30 minute stint in a 375 degree oven, you have perfectly cooked, tender little morsels to pop into your mouth. This is an excellent weeknight dinner as it takes no time at all and, if you feel the way I do about it, it melts away the tensions of the day. Zen, in case you’ve forgotten, is the Buddhist practice of meditation and intuition.  And when I can find that in my kitchen, I’m all for it.

Here are the recipes:

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