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Just in time for Halloween…Tim Burton Cupcakes

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        Our god daughter, Olivia is very special to us.  We were there the night she was born and she’s been a wonderful part of our life ever since. She’s lovely to be with, so much fun and so full of personality.  When I see her with Uncle Andrew, I realize what a phenomenal father he would have been—patient, generous and interested in everything Olivia is doing.
When her birthday comes around, Uncle Andrew goes all out in the baking department every year. A couple of years ago, at Olivia’s request, he channeled her favorite movie director and invented Tim Burton-themed cupcakes.  There were two odes to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and a delicious take on “James and the Giant Peach”.  As you can see from this shot, these cupcakes were the hit of Olivia’s 11th Birthday Party.  And we think they may be just the thing to bring Halloween to the next level.  Here are the recipes which are not only odes to Tim Burton, they’re phenomenally delicious treats that will appeal to everyone at your Halloween Party.

What was truly interesting to us, was that Olivia’s guests voted the Peach version as best…not that there’s anything wrong with the Charlie cupcakes but they loved the flavor of the fresh peaches.  The original recipe was for a Peach Cake and it appeared in the All Cakes Consideredcookbook, Melissa Gray’s effort that grew out of her NPR radio show, “All Things Considered”.   Now Melissa uses canned peaches.   Andrew use fresh. But given the season, go with the canned variety and feel good about it.
 The chocolate cupcakes came straight from Ina Garten’s “Barefoot at Home” cookbook (Clarkson Potter 2006).  However Ina topped hers with Peanut Butter icing.  Andrew went straight for a chocolate icing that nicely picked up the chocolate sprinkles he topped the cupcakes with. 

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