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Blackberry and Lime Italian Meringue Pie from Bon Appetit

Yoart Grec avec Mures
         Two winters ago, Andrew and I fell in love with a Blackberry Yogurt we bought in St. Barth.  The yogurt or, more correctly Yaourt Grec avecs Mures, even made it onto our “15 Things You Must Eat in St. Barth” post and our friends Mary and John made a beeline for it when they went down to the island right after we did.  Now, I had pegged the calorie count at 80, which had it been correct, would have been the best tasting 80 calories I ever consumed.  Most unfortunately, Mary read the label correctly and the calorie count zoomed up to 280.
Still not bad but 200 calories I hadn’t counted on.  And I hadn’t counted on how much we loved the blackberries in the rich, creamy thick yogurt.  It’s blackberry season so when Andrew dug through his recipe files, he was delighted to discover a Bon Appetit with a glorious Cover Girl.  More properly, Blackberries sitting atop a lemon curd filling and topped with Italian Meringue.  Calories be damned, he decided to make this glorious confection.  Even if it took all day.

When I was preparing this post, something stood out immediately.  As I reviewed the photos Andrew took of the making of the pie, I edited down the possibilities.  Much to my astonishment, there were 29 selects!  I will say Andrew did such a terrific job with the photos, I was taken with every one of them.  Then, as I got into the Bon Appetit website’s comments about the pie, I realized one reason for the extraordinary number of pictures.  There were many protests over the length of time the pie takes to cook.  There were people talking about how their hands were raw just from washing the pots and pans involved.  But there were equal numbers of truly hard core bakers who couldn’t get enough to the resulting dessert. True, there are many steps here.  There’s waiting time and gelling time and cooking time.  There’s a crust to bake and meringue to make.  But I must say it is worth every minute just to dive into the tangy lime curd,  the buttery, flaky crust, the ambrosial meringue and of course, the luscious wine-infused blackberries hidden under the curd and the fresh blackberries atop the meringue.  So for those of you who are serious bakers, this one’s for you. And for the rest of you, have a slice of vicarious pie. You’ll be glad to know it will have zero calories.  Here’s the recipe.

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