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Baked’s simply incredibly delicious Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake

Baked’s simply incredibly delicious Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake
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There’s a new shop that just opened practically across the street from us.  Across town, on the East Side, it’s called “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World”.  Somehow, on the West Side, it’s morphed into “Choco Bolo” (2058 Broadway between 70th  and 71st  Streets). Perhaps the name change reflects somebody pointing out that the old moniker was slightly obnoxious even in a city of superlatives.  Or more likely, the bakery, which has its roots in Lisbon, is just trading on its Portuguese heritage:  Choco Bolo translates to “Chocolate Cake”.  I have another theory:  As good as Choco Bolo’s cakes are, and I am told they are outrageously good, someone had one taste of Matt Lewis and Renato Poliofito’s Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake and surrendered the title on the spot.

Renato, seated, and Matt

         You know Matt and Renato from these pages because the recipe for this chocolate cake is the tenth time we’ve featured a recipe from Baked, their Brooklyn-based bakery.  That is a record in and of itself but it speaks volumes about in what high esteem Andrew holds these two bakers.  They’ve got two cookbooks now, “Baked” and “Baked Explorations”.  They’ve got a line of packaged mixes for brownies and bars that are sold at Williams Sonoma.  And, if you read my email blasts, I’m thrilled to say they’ll be at the Artisan’s Market when I’ll be there showing off Monte’s Ham.  So if you come to Williams Sonoma at The Shops at Columbus Circle on December 3rd, you can help yourself to ham and a brownie…an odd combination for sure, but delicious nonetheless.

         But back to this sensational chocolate cake.  Sweet and Salty is a combination Andrew’s been hooked into for while.  I think it started with a Caramel Ice Cream recipe that included a hefty portion of sea salt.  And if you think about Caramel Candy, that was likely your first introduction to the concept.  There’s something about the two together that makes the whole so appealing.  It enlivens the flavor of the chocolate and tasting both together is a true palate pleaser.  Andrew’s made this cake upon request at two birthday parties.  It is a perfect celebration cake but don’t wait to bake it until you have one.  I think it will become a fast favorite.  Here’s the recipe with thanks to Matt and Renato.

8 thoughts on “Baked’s simply incredibly delicious Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake”

  • Well, first of all, I did share on FB of your event at Williams Sonoma, and also tweeted it..

    Now as for this cake, I wish the picture was 3D so I could just jump into the batter…. Comprende??

    This cake is amazing, period. Whoa.

  • Hi really really want to make this cake but need to do it as a square, would 1 1/2 the mixture do for a 10 inch square tin, also has anybody frozen this cake.. and for future refs does it work well under fondant i.e. it will not collapse of become dense.. thank you really cant wait to try this:)

  • Hi Twingo, As you know, I don't do the baking in our house, my partner, Andrew, does. I asked him for his advice and here is what he wrote back. "I would not recommend doing it as a square with a 10 ‘ pan—you will be shifting the cooking time and ingredients are not always able to break down the quantities cleanly. The cake should be strong enough to work well under fondant". I hope this is helpful and thanks so much for your visit.

  • ahhh thank you ….I had no internet to check until now the answers.. and the cake is in the over as we speak square and 10inch .. will let you know how it goes:) if not will do it again but round and correct tin… thank you…

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