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Weeknight Roast Beef with Dijon-Caper Sauce

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Eye of Round…not the tenderest cut
but one of the least expensive
        To cook a roast beef during the week has always struck me as quite an accomplishment.  Then I discovered the Eye of Round roast at Costco.  Now I grant you this is not the most tender cut of beef—far from it.  But it is exactly the right size at around 3 lbs that makes it perfect for a weeknight dinner.    And it cooks very quickly taking under an hour from start to finish. To compensate for its lack of tenderness, this recipe gives you a great pan sauce that not only flavors the meat beautifully, it also works with sides really well.  I chose to serve Broccoli and Mashed Potatoes with it—two easy sides both of which could use a little flavor themselves. 

        The only requirement here is a quick read thermometer. When you are dealing with this cut of meat, you really can overcook it very quickly and I’d suggest that even fans of well-done will be much happier with a medium rare center cooked to 130 degrees and no higher.  The other thing that makes all the difference here is a very sharp knife so that you can cut your beef in thin slices.  But what a nice surprise for whomever you’re cooking for to come home to a nice roast in the middle of the week. And what a nice surprise it is at how little it costs to make.  This recipe was originally from Bon Appetit. 

2 thoughts on “Weeknight Roast Beef with Dijon-Caper Sauce”

  • First of all – the combination of flavors were perfectly matched. The vegetable, the potatoes, and the meat did, very nicely I might add, come out very tender. The icing on the cake was the late night leftovers of the potatoes with Dijon-caper sauce. Zzzzzzzzz C: Thanks Monte!

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