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Singapore Lamb Curry with Stir-Fried Noodles

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        I remember a friend telling me that once she gave her husband a Wok for Christmas, it was pretty much Wok-around-the-clock from that point on. As I remember, he was one of the first men I knew who’d taken over the kitchen and cooked almost everything his family of 5 ate.  Since he worked full time, I am sure he was as time-pressured as the rest of us and the Wok must have been a gift from heaven via his wife.  Stir-fries really can save the day.  Aside from much chopping, slicing, dicing and peeling, no cooking technique is as quick to yield delicious meals in very little time.  In fact, you have to really organize your ingredients since they are used at lightning quick speeds.  And what I really like is that you don’t need a wok to make these dishes.  Any large skillet can work on a stir fry.  And this particular recipe really gives you a curry in a hurry, a one-dish wonder that we paired with some kale.  Next time, we’ll likely go with spinach as the kale was not a success around our table.

        The recipe I used came from a Bon Appetit magazine published in March 2004.  I had no problem finding any of the ingredients.  Even the Udon noodles were readily available at my Fairway.  Have you seen the boneless lamb in the vacuum pack in the supermarket?   It’s labeled boneless butterflied lamb.  It comes in at about 2 lbs. which is the perfect amount for this recipe if you are serving 4 people. Cut it in half and freeze the rest if you are cooking for two.   The original recipe called for 1 tablespoon of mild-flavored, light molasses.  Now I am not a cook who is going to go out of his way to add 1 tablespoon of something he does not have and likely will find little use for in the future.  It was easy enough to substitute kicap manis, that delightful dark dense soy sauce that I keep on  hand for making ‘Nasi Goreng’ (link).  Or leave it out entirely.  Nobody is going to miss one tablespoon of anything.  Here is the recipe:

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