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Wild Mushroom and Leek Tart

David Falkowski’s  Oyster Mushrooms are beyond compare
Leeks from the Foster Family Farm
        One of the joys of being part of the Farmer’s Markets this fall has been getting first dibs on some incredible produce.  The market opens at 9 but everyone is generally in place before that.  I feel like an early bird at a Yard Sale because before we welcome our paying customers, I do a little shopping.  The bread from Blue Duck Bakery is superb.  You’ve read how good David Falkowski’s mushrooms are.  And right next to where I am, from the Foster Family farm in Sagaponack, there’s a beautiful array of vegetables every week.  That the farm still operates is a bit of a miracle:  The land is so valuable that mostly what has sprouted up in the neighboring fields are multi-million dollar houses.  At one point, Sagaponack was listed as the most expensive Zip code in the country.  But the Fosters carry on.  The soil in Sagaponack is said to be about the best on the East Coast.  Left behind millennia ago when the glaciers retreated, it’s six feet of loam in places!  So you can imagine how beautiful everything that’s grown there is.  Last week, I could not resist the leeks.  Putting them together with two of David’s mushroom varieties—dried porcinis and fresh Oyster Mushrooms— seemed the perfect thing to do.

  The resulting Wild Mushroom and Leek Tart was wonderful!  It’s a great 

weekend lunch item.  Or you could use it as a first course at dinner.  I confess 

to a Sandra Lee shortcut.  I am not the baker in our house so I used, horror of 
horrors, Pillsbury Pie Crust from the supermarket.  Honestly, I don’t think 
anyone was the wiser—except of course, Andrew, who could tell a homemade 
crust from a store-bought one from 100 yards away.  So if you want to make 
your own, please use a recipe for Pate Brise and follow the instructions below.  
It’s really quite easy and you’ll have enough for 10 ladylike wedges.   Do not 
refrigerate any leftovers as the crust will go soggy in the refrigerator. Leave it 
out and I can almost guarantee it won’t be there very long.  Here’s the recipe:

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