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Sole Almandine and the perfect accompaniment, Lemon Smashed Potatoes

         I love shopping in Chinatown.  Just coming out of the subway at Grand Street is like being transported to Hong Kong.   Except that the parts of Hong Kong I’m familiar with have a lot more Westerners than New York’s Chinatown does.  Except for Mulberry street and its plethora of red Sauce Italian places offering a free glass of wine to the overwhelmingly tourist crowd,   Chinatown has pretty well taken over what was once Little Italy. And food shopping there is a terrific experience.  If only it were closer, I could save a fortune.  The prices are simply astonishing.  How about 3 lemons for a dollar?  Or a huge knob of ginger for .70 cents? And how about the freshest Gray sole, beautifully filleted, for $3.95 a lb?  Seriously!
        Tyler Florence recently featured Sole Amandine on “Tyler’s Ultimate”, one of our favorite treats on Food TV.  Tyler’s food is substantial and his recipes easy to follow.  This one requires a lot of concentrated effort in a very short space of time.  The fish cooks in minutes and everything is fairly last minute—dipping it into the flour then into the egg mixture then straight into the sauté pan you go.  So the best advice I can give you is to get everything “mise en place” –that’s ready to go in French, but you knew that – before you get started. 
The best place to start is with the incredible Lemon Smashed Potatoes.  We had never tasted anything like these and they’re so ideal with Fish, I am sure this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  You take buttery Yukon Gold potatoes, boil them in milk (and cream, if you must) and then smash them with some salt and pepper.  Then you add the zest of the lemons and that’s it.  What you have is something that’s an absolute natural with fish.  So here are the recipes

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