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Salmon with Mushroom and Scallion Sauce

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        This is a weeknight delight because it literally comes together in 30 minutes, it’s healthy and you get your Omega-3s in a delicious piece of salmon. And yes, there is all of ¼ cup of heavy cream  which last time I looked worked out to 50 extra calories a serving.
I confess to having grave doubts about pairing mushrooms and salmon.  But who doesn’t love doing a recipe search for a combination you’ve never heard of and finding something that really works?  In  this case, Food and Wine’s website produced this recipe from Ian Garrone and Allen Kuehn, two San Franciscans who, respectively, toil at Far West Fungi and the San Francisco Fish Company. They have neighboring stores in the Ferry Building, a temple of food that you really shouldn’t miss when you visit the city.  And after you’ve tried this, I’m sure you won’t want to.  But please, if you can afford it, buy Wild Caught Salmon and stay away from the Farmed stuff and you’ll be doing salmon (and the water they swim in) a huge favor.

        The salmon is briefly marinated in Orange Juice which the recipe says ‘creates a deeply caramelized glaze that is so delicious you will never want to cook salmon any other way’.  Well, it was lost on me.  I could blame the fact that I used Tropicana rather than fresh squeezed OJ so next time I will. And I’ll come back and post a comment on whether it made all that much difference.  But regardless, the dish is delicious even if the orange flavor is limited to say the least. Here is the recipe:


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