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Korean Wings and Carrot Pineapple Salad

Korean Wings and Carrot Pineapple Salad
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I thought about throwing my Chicken Wing recipe into the mix in time for Super Bowl Sunday.  But then I was inundated with Wings recipes: 10 in an email from RecipeZaar, another 8 developed by my heroine, Grace Parisi, in this month’s Food and Wine.  The world, I decided, did not need another Wings recipe. That was, of course, before I cooked mine.

At left: Jalan Alor Wings from this summer’s Wing Fest.

          I’ve been a Wings fan for awhile.  I spent a good part of the summer making wings of all kinds.  Barbecue Wings.  Roasted Wings.  Citrus-y wings.  But the hands-down winner of my taste tests was the wings I made with a recipe that started out as one for Korean Fried Chicken Gourmet.  It was from “Quick and Easy Korean Cooking” by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee. I’ve grown very fond of Korean food having been introduced to it by my Korean friend, YoonJung Cosby.  I like its heat and its back and forth exchange of sweet and sour.  

I changed the recipe for Fried Chicken to make my wings. My passion for Kecap Manis came into play.  The sweet, thick soy sauce was a fantastic addition to the recipe.  I also changed the recipe for the Corn starch coating the original called for.  I wanted it to stick better to the chicken which mine now does.  Then I used one of my Grace Parisi learnings: taking a traditional accompaniment to whatever you are cooking and putting a fresh spin on it.  In this case, lifting the inevitable carrot sticks of Buffalo Wings fame and making a carrot slaw that’s a riff on one of Ina Garten’s recipes.  I wish I could figure out something to replace the celery sticks next.  Here’s the recipe:



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  • I have been using a version of Cecilia's Korean fried chicken recipe for months. I use boneless chicken breast. I have to try it with the Kecap Manis, instead of American ketchup. Thanks.

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