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Recipe for Perfect Happiness…A Free Trip to St. Bart’s!

Recipe for Perfect Happiness…A Free Trip to St. Bart’s!

Come November you can experience St. Bart’s for Free!

St. Bart’s is renowned for the best food in the Caribbean.

As many readers know, Andrew and I have spent 29 years heading to St. Barthelemy, F.W.I for our winter break.  There’s nowhere on earth like it—this brilliant little jewel of an island is France dropped into the Caribbean. All the chic, all the passion, and particularly all the wonderful food make a trip to St. Barth unforgettable every time. And now it can be yours to explore. And there’s no better time than this November. Because from the 11th to the 15th, it’s time for St. Bart’s Gourmet Festival! That’s right!  St. Bart’s is open and ready to receive guests to their COVID- free paradise. (To see what’s on offer at this fabulous food event, click on the link at the very bottom of this post.)

Villa King Gustav at Sunset.

There’s nowhere like St. Bart’s and there’s no one who knows St. Bart’s better than WIMCO.

The West Indies Management Company is the source of the island’s absolutely premiere accommodations. You can choose from a collection of World Class Resorts. But the biggest draw in St. Bart’s are the incomparable private villas that define the way visitors experience the island.  These private paradises are the ultimate in secluded luxury.  Each one is filled with every ingredient for a brilliant St. Bart’s vacation.  (FYI: Our # 1 Contact at WIMCO is the incomparable Bethany Ludwick [email protected])

Villa King Gustav can be yours for the week of the St. Bart’s Gourmet Festival!

Villa King Gustav, Your home in SBH

Just look at this place!  The location is absolutely unbeatable. Sunset Cocktails overlooking Gustavia!  Morning swims in your pool. Outdoor dining anytime.  And of course, it’s airconditioned and WiFi-ed if you must.  And one lucky couple will be chosen to partake in an amazing number of Foodie Events and experiences! That is if you can drag yourself away from Villa King Gustav.

It’s so simple to Enter to Win!

All you need to do is to upload up to four of your favorite vacation photos taken anywhere in the world. WIMCO’s judges will pick one winner and the runners up.  They’re in line for a wealth of travel-related consolation prizes.

There’s only one hitch: You have to Enter Right Now!

My bad…I should have gotten this out to you sooner. But there’s still time to make this particular dream come true.  And it takes no time to do so…just follow this link and you’re in! https://app.viralsweep.com/contest/full/e7ed67-70985?framed=1&wt.mc_id=&source=830&csid=830&ecrid=9d60bc0d-ffcb-4599-9498-8dd600592859

If by any chance you can’t make these travel dates, do forward this email to everyone you know who’d love a week in Paradise!

For details of the St. Bart’s Gourmet Festival, click here…


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