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Chop Chop Salad with Gingered Shrimp and with thanks to Daniel Boulud

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The man himself, Daniel Boulud

Who doesn’t love Daniel Boulud?  His restaurants are on everyone’s New York Top 10 list from Daniel to DBGB on the Bowery, of all places.  I have a particular soft spot for his Bar Boulud, across from Lincoln Center and very close to home. It was there that my daughter-in-law, Kym, told us I was going to be a grandfather for the first time. And the food is pretty good as well!  I’m told Daniel is a very fine fellow and wonderful to work with.  I follow him religiously in Elle Décor Magazine where for some years he’s been the lead food writer. I am never disappointed in what he publishes there. That’s where this recipe appeared.  It’s a homage to DBGB’s close proximity to Chinatown with a wonderful Asian influence dressing and an Asian marinade for the shrimp.  With summer meals upon us, this will be a fantastic addition to any lunch or dinner.  As if it didn’t have so much going for it already—crisp vegetables, cool watermelon, tender sweet shrimp, a tangy-creamy dressing—it’s also a perfect Meatless Monday meal, that is if you get an early start because there is some marinating time involved…otherwise print this and save it for the weekend.

        I don’t think you can have enough salad recipes for summer.  It’s the only time of the year we really entertain at lunch and dinner salads are never better than when the local produce is at its peak. This salad was a huge hit everytime  I’ve made it recently.  I did change it over from Daniel’s original—his Chop Chop has calamari in addition to the shrimp.   Mine relies on totally on shrimp.    When you look at the recipe it appears complex.  It actually breaks down into very time-manageable segments.  You can pickle the mushrooms days in advance.  (And please do not leave them out—if you’ve never had this taste, it is well worth the minimal effort.) Then you prepare the marinade for the shrimp and they go into the fridge for 3 hours or overnight.  Closer to serving time, you can put the dressing together.  Finally there’s considerable chopping of vegetables – even some watermelon – to be complete the salad. Here “Chop Chop” really lives up to its name.  So put this on your list.  It’s fantastic.  Here’s the recipe:

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