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Chicken and Mushrooms

Chicken and Mushrooms
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         This dish combines two of my favorite ingredients: moist, tender, crispy Chicken thighs and any kind of mushroom you like. If only I had been anywhere near The East End Mushroom Company (www.theeastendmushroomcompany) I would have chosen more exotic mushrooms from their selection of Shiitakes, Miatakes and Oysters.  I worked on this recipe in hopes of showcasing it at The East End Mushroom Company’s First Annual Mushroom Cooking Contest. The contest was scheduled a couple of Saturdays ago. Unfortunately, to say the weather did not cooperate would be an understatement.  High Winds and driving rain were the order of the day. Wisely, John Quigley and Jane Maguire postponed the event.  Now it will be held the 24thof the Month.  Should you want to enter and/or attend the Event, just click on their link above and read all about it.  I am sorry to say that I will be in Europe when it happens.  But as a consolation prize,  the best I can do is share the recipe I worked on for the Contest. I am really proud of the dish.  And I can’t help but wonder how much even more delicious it would be with The East End Mushroom Company’s spectacular produce. 


For my test recipe, I opted for Creminis and White Button Mushrooms which form the base of this richly satisfying main dish.   It comes together in about 40 minutes, uses only one skillet and is perfect for a weeknight family dinner.   Now I will admit, this is not a stick the dish in the oven and wait.  It does require some minimal time at the stove but it’s time well spent.   The chicken is very simply flavored with just a lot of salt and pepper.  The mushrooms gain even more flavor as the juices from the chicken combine with the cream sauce for more chicken flavor.   I chose to serve the chicken atop the mushrooms with a very minimal drizzle of sauce so as to keep the chicken just as perfectly crisp as when it comes out of the pan. With this I served what is likely the last corn of the season in my favorite corn off-the-cob dish, Ina Garten’s Confetti Corn.  (You can find that recipe here: https://chewingthefat.us.com/2014/09/ina-gartens-ode-to-marcella-hazan.html.  But with corn or without I highly recommend this weeknight dinner.  I made a half recipe but it happily serves 8, which is what this ingredient list makes.  

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