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Evan and Sarah Rich’s Grilled Strip Steaks with Green Bean Chimichurri

Evan and Sarah Rich’s Grilled Strip Steaks with Green Bean Chimichurri

Food and Wine has just come out with another of its compendiums of recipes, this one titled “Chef’s Easy Weeknight Dinners” (Time Inc. Affluent Media Group 2014).  There are all kinds of recipes here from soups to seafood, side dishes to desserts.  What strikes me is their overall simplicity.   Apparently, Chefs are every bit as time-pressured as the rest of us.  Or perhaps more so.  Can you imagine cooking all day and then going home and doing it all over again?   That’s likely why the book is loaded with recipes none of which take over 55 minutes to make, the majority even less than that. So in keeping with my promise of pre-holiday meals that are full of flavor and not so full of effort, today’s recipe is for a main dish that’s hard to beat for simplicity.  It’s Steak and it takes all of 35 minutes to get on the table.

Eric and Sara Rich
         I got quite a chuckle out of its publishers’ name, “The Affluent Media Group,” mostly because I had scored Strip Steaks at our butcher counter: New York Strip for $5.99 a lb. But there’s no question that steak makes you feel affluent.  Its creators bring theirs home from their restaurant where they are co-chefs.  Evan and Sarah Rich preside over Rich Table in San Francisco CA (199 Gough St. Tel: (415) 355-9085)  But the treat is not just the steak.  The Chefs Rich have pared it with one of Argentina’s national dishes.  In a country that knows a whole lot about beef, Argentines love their chimichurri.  No one is quite sure how it got its name but this piquant herb sauce is Ketchup on many an Argentine table.  The Rich’s have taken chimichurri one step further. They’ve added thinly sliced raw green beans thereby creating a crunchy condiment and a vegetable dish in one. It is all very easy to put together and takes all of 35 minutes flat.  So heat up that grill pan and wow them at dinner tonight.  Here is the recipe:

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