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Zucchini Corn and Parmesan Fritters

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         I’ve always gotten a kick out of stories of massive Zucchini crops suddenly emerging in August and causing their growers to wonder what on earth to do with all of them.  When I was in Elementary School, I distinctly remember a classmate whose mother’s solution was to send her son armed with enormous bags of Zucchini to school each day.  He was quite systematic in his giving.  He would go to a different teacher’s classroom every day and deposit a bag on her desk, beaming.  The first teacher was overwhelmed with his mother’s largesse.  But by the end of the week the last teacher was simply overwhelmed, likely because Teachers #1, 2, 3 and 4 had already shared the bounty of Gordon’s mother’s garden with all their fellow teachers.  Did she go home and make Zucchini bread? Or Zucchini pickles? I can’t help but hope that she made Zucchini Fritters because undoubtedly Gordon and his well-intentioned mother would have been forgiven.   These wonderful cakes, fried to a crisp, are an American classic.  Did you know that Crab Cakes are actually fritters?   And while you can make them with everything from apples to pineapples to peas, the season’s bumper crop of Zucchini and Corn make an irresistible fritter.  Especially when freshly grated Parmesan cheese is added to the batter.
That’s what I made one night last week.  We were having a round of houseguests this weekend and there seemed to be no limit as to how much food we were going to consume.  So anything I could do in advance was as welcomed as our guests.   I admit to a little trepidation in making something on a Wednesday that was going to have to hold out until Friday but my fritters came through with flying colors.  I completed the whole recipe, which yields 24 good-sized fritters.  Andrew and I taste-tested them with our Wednesday night steak dinner and pronounced them delicious.  I refrigerated the rest between sheets of paper towel in a airtight container. On Friday, I put them all on wire racks set atop sheet pans, turned the oven up to 375 degrees and in about 12 minutes, they were bubbling crisp in the oven and ready to serve. They were a huge hit with our guests. Dolloped with sour cream, they all disappeared in no time.   Here is the recipe which takes very little time and yields something you will truly be proud of.

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