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An Asian Spiced Barbecue in the dead of Winter

An Asian Spiced Barbecue in the dead of Winter
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         The craving for ribs doesn’t end the minute the grill gets garaged for the winter.  Fortunately, Bobby Flay developed an oven/broiler combination that takes the place of the backyard barbecue and delivers, in no time at all, an excellent rack of Baby Back Ribs.  The whole of Chef Flay’s recipe included a Honey-Mustard Glaze.  I wanted to make mine pure Asian, since I also wanted our dinner to include an Asian Cucumber Salad and, because I am deep-diving into Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer” for an upcoming post, I wanted to serve their Scallion Pancakes.  I followed Chef Flay’s technique to the letter and made a Honey-based Glaze cranked up with Asian ingredients.  The ribs were fall-apart good and amazingly tender. The glaze topped them off with sticky sweet and spicy sauce. The Cucumber Salad both complemented the ribs and colored the plate.  And the Scallion Pancakes were more than passable.  But you’ll have to wait on the Trader Joe’s post to hear all about those.  The miracle of this meal was in its timing: Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, perfectly sauced ribs in under 2 hours.  No overnight marinade required!  (Try finding a recipe that doesn’t require at least 7 hours advance preparation and you’ll immediately spark to this one.) So what is Bobby Flay’s flawless technique?


You start with a very hot oven. 500 degrees.  While the oven heats up, you boil some water to which you add soy sauce and ginger.  Into a roasting pan that goes.  The ribs are brushed with canola oil salt and pepper and then elevated on a rack in the roaster.  The roaster is then tightly covered with aluminum foil and put into the hot oven for an hour and half.  It’s that easy.  And while the ribs roast, you put together the Honey Glaze in all of about 5 minutes and then you wait.

       The ribs come out of the oven and are glazed.  Back under the broiler they go and presto, perfectly glazed, crispy, spicy pork ribs that beat the hell out of anything from our local Chinese take-out.  I made the Chinese Cucumber salad while the ribs roasted so that it could be chilled in the fridge until serving.  The Scallion Pancakes could have been made stovetop or in the oven.  I chose the latter and in about 5 minutes they joined the Cucumber Salad and the rested ribs on the plates.  In the dead of a midwinter night, all that was missing from dinner were the embers from the Weber.   Here are the recipes:

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