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30 Years of Fabulous Food in St. Barths FWI

        This morning, New York set a new record in Central Park. It was 4F. For our friends who use Celsius, it sounds even worse: -15C.   So we likely couldn’t find a better day to travel south to the French West Indies and the island of St. Barthelemy or, as its friends and devotees call it, “St. Barths”. The island was named for Christopher Columbus’ brother Bartholomeo, when the explorer did a sail-by in 1493.  If he’d stopped on the island, I doubt he would have ever left. It truly is 8 square miles of pure bliss.  White sand beaches, glorious views around every corner and a climate that those of us struggling through the “Arctic Vortex” can only dream of.  And did I mention the food?  The key here is the word

“French”.  When attached to “West Indies” it means food that is taken seriously.  Food that is flown in from France, vegetables from nearby Guadaloupe, seafood from right off the island and a profusion of restaurants that offer everything that global cuisine now means.  This Fall, I was invited to write about our 30 year love affair with the food on the island. The offer came from WIMCO, the island’s premiere rental agency.

 We’ve rented spectacular villas from them more times than I can count. WIMCO has, hands down, the island’s best properties, the best service and I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else.  (WIMCO isn’t confined to St. Barths—you can use them everywhere from Tuscany to Nantucket). 


 It was my great pleasure to write this piece and I wanted to share it with

you.  The article appears in WIMCO’s “VENDOME GUIDE”, a wishbook of the highest order and one which you can request online at www.wimco.com.  But since I know you can hardly wait that long to read my deathless prose, here’s a link to the article.  You may have to enlarge the type size in order to read it but I hope you enjoy your break to this breath-taking island. And if you are headed there, there’s a list of recommended restaurants we’ve put together.  So enjoy your stay.  And when you want to go there in real life, the 800 number is at the bottom right hand corner of the page.  Just dial it and ask for Bethany Ludwick who has put us into the best villas every time we’ve asked.  So click on the link and enjoy. 

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