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Spicy (Rotisserie) Chicken Soup from Bon Appetit

Spicy (Rotisserie) Chicken Soup from Bon Appetit
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         Let’s face it: this time of year begs for recipes that you can get on the table in no time. This wonderful soup takes all of 15 minutes to make and it’s a perfect warmer for a winter night.  With a tossed green salad and some crusty French bread, it’s an ideal supper any day of the week.  Leave out the bread, and it’s a gluten-free dinner!  The timesaver here is, of course, the rotisserie chicken.  I find the ones at Costco irresistible.  At under $5.00, they’re a bargain that’s as tasty as any home made chicken.  And there’s a lot of meat on these birds—so much so that you may find the quantity of chicken in the original Bon Appetit recipe, 4 cups, is happily met by using just the breasts.  The rest of the chicken can sit in the fridge and used for chicken sandwiches for lunch.  You can use any kind of mushrooms but shiitakes and creminis will up the flavor more than white button mushrooms.  The ginger slices ramp up the taste. If you’re not mad for spice, keep tasting as you add the cayenne pepper, it’s what gives the soup its name.  A word to the wise about the spinach:  Put a half cup of baby spinach leaves in the bottom of each soup bowl and pour the hot soup over it.  It will cook right up in the bowl and add a jolt of green to the proceedings.  Here’s the recipe:

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