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28 Things we will miss about St. Barth

    Adele 21 on the I-Pod

    The wonderful orange and grapefruit smell of Anthony Logistics Sun Products for Men who donate a portion of their profits to Prostate Cancer Research and none, so far as we know, to Skin Cancer Research.

Being together 24/7, a far rarer thing than you might suspect.
           Catching glimpses of the boats just outside Gustavia Harbor.

    Coca Cola Light, Sans Sucres, Sans Calories.
           Croissants aux Amandes, although the title of the best one ever still rests with Henri Tomas, in Bonnieux, France.

            Better yet, Croissants aux Amandes et Chocolat.

           Desserts in general, Tarte de Fines Pommes in particular.
            Full Moon over the Caribbean Sea.
    Icy-cold Orange Sections on the beach.
           Lunch by our pool.
                 Seeing Monte’s Ham everywhere we went….
        My preferred cooking attire.
            Our gorgeous house.
             The view from our gorgeous house.
           The outdoor shower at our gorgeous house.
        The other outdoor shower at our gorgeous house.
          Pain Complet, likely the best 7 grain bread we have ever tasted
           Partially clad French People.
            Reading Stacks of good books.
       Chilled Rose, Grown-Up Kool-Aid.

         Sea Grapes. As a matter of fact, all grapes and the wine you can make from them
          The St. Barth Bucket Races. ( We’re really missing these as they don’t even start until after we leave.)
            St. Barth’s Architecture.  A 350 year old technique that is now being used to create incredible modernist buildings.  This is our Powder Room / Laundry. 
        Sushi Platters at Nikki Beach.
          Salines…yes, this is about as crowded as it gets.
           Our Mini.  It never didn’t get below ¾ of a tank full.

 Being in a part of France and feeling like a part of France. Speaking French and reading French. The warmth and the politeness of people here who greet you as you walk in their doors and thank you when you leave.
By the way, did we ever tell you you were right about Iraq? Not that I remember.  But you were right about Iraq.

P.S.  We like you so much, we’ve already made  arrangements…Same time next year?  

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