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Grilled Swordfish with Lemon Aioli and Fennel

Grilled Swordfish with Lemon Aioli and Fennel
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        Our friends Beth and Peter are with us from California for a few days and we’re anxious to share some of Long Island’s best with them. This will include the spectacular weather we’re experiencing, our glorious beaches—less crowded now that a lot of our summer population is already off to college—and, of course, the incredible bounty of great things to eat that we’re blessed with at this moment.     
Now that I’m showcasing Monte’s Ham and Monte’s Ham glaze at two local farmers’ markets, I feel like I’m in the thick of things.  I happily dip into the profits to buy heirloom tomatoes, wonderful seedless watermelons, and this week, beautiful big fennel bulbs that are just coming into their own. The fennel gives me a chance to revisit a Tyler Florence recipe first tried when Andrew’s sister, Lauren, visited earlier in the month.   Why didn’t we post it then?  Well, truth be told, if we’re pressed for time sometimes we don’t get the camera out to record what we’re cooking.  Then there are times when we go all out with our camera only to be disappointed in the end result.  But I’d have to say the only disappointing thing about Tyler’s recipe for Swordfish and Fennel was that we didn’t give it to you earlier.
A word about swordfish.  Not too long ago, it was on the endangered list and beyond that, was a cause for concern because of its mercury content.   The good news is it’s made a remarkable recovery in numbers, has been de-listed and as to mercury,  the fish is still recommended to be eaten in small quantities (a 7 ounce serving a month) by women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant, and by the rest of us in a similar serving once a week.  This recipe will satisfy your craving for the wonderful firm fish –in this case, line-caught off Long Island.
Tyler has a refreshingly simple approach to cooking.  He’s right up there with Ina Garten in terms of making life in the kitchen easy.  His superb “Tyler’s Ultimate” has been the starting place for 6 recipes we’ve already shared with you.  So take it away Tyler and here’s his recipe:

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