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Sautéed Salmon with Creamy Leeks and Tomatoes

         Salmon is truly a lifesaver for harried weeknight cooks.  Now I suppose that means most of us, most of the week. But there’s another great plus to cooking salmon.  That is when you need something to start cooking only when the last family member walks in the door. This entire dinner took all of 20 minutes to put together.  It relies on sautéing the fish on the stove top, at the same time that you make a creamy-rich ‘sauce’ of the leeks.    The fish takes all of 4 minutes to cook if you like your salmon medium rare, 2 minutes more for well-done fish.   Once the fish is done, the ripe ‘tomatoes on the vine’ take a swim in lemon juice in the fish pan.  I served the fish on a bed of baby spinach that was sautéed in a non-stick pan at the same time as the fish.  What you end up with is the delicate sweetness of salmon, creamy-rich leeks and tart red tomatoes combined in a dish that’s as appealingly colorful as it is great tasting.

         I  chose this on a night that Andrew was coming home late.  I waited until I saw the whites of his eyes.  But he asked for a few minutes to call a client.  I was convinced the call was ending and started the dish.  Much to my chagrin, the call had not ended and this dinner cooked so quickly, I thought we were in for a lukewarm version, that’s how fast it is to prepare.  6 ounces of salmon is about as much as you need per person.  Mine, from Trader Joe’s, weighed in at a pound.  As to the leeks, you’ll find already trimmed ones at TJ’s as well. And finally, the smallest size ‘tomatoes on the vine’ were pressed into service but any tomato will do—as long as they are perfectly ripe. In winter here, the only reliable tomatoes are the smallest of them—grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and these called “Pearls” which are of Mexican origin. Here is my recipe:

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