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Come aboard and sample the Cuisine on the World’s # 1 Cruise Line. My latest article for The Daily Meal is here! Complete with a recipe for Seared Mahi Mahi from the Chef!

Cuisine on the World’s No. 1 Cruise Line By Monte Mathews Staff Writer Chef Anthony Mauboussin, Culinary Director of Viking Cruises, has a lot on his plate, including 42 new dishes this year alone. Chef Anthony Mauboussin in Viking Star’s Demo Kitchen The cruise world […]

Day Six: Ten Great Things to do on a Sea Day aboard a Viking Ocean cruise

Rise and Shine! It’s At Sea Day on Viking Sea’s Maiden Voyage Viking at Sea          On Viking Star there was only one.  On the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea, there would be three of them but for us, just one.  Sea Days. These port-less […]

The Daily Meal just published Day 4 of Viking Sea’s Maiden Voyage and here it is! Plus an authentic recipe for the National Dish of both Portugal and Brazil!

Chef Anthony Mauboussin in action aboard the Viking Sea. By Land and by Sea: Viking’s New ‘Kitchen Table’ Culinary Arts Program By Monte Mathews Staff Writer We set the scene for Viking Cruise’s new ‘Kitchen Table’ chef experience Since last year’s launch of its first […]

Day One: The Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea begins…

         I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea, sister ship to Viking Star, Viking Cruises ocean-going liners that have set a new standard in affordable luxury since their inception last year.   I was even more delighted when […]

My review of Viking Star and her Food has just appeared on The Daily Meal. Enjoy!

Viking River Cruises Take to the Oceans   It’s hard to tell which is larger: the ship, the amount of dining options, or the value. Last May, I took Viking Tor from Budapest to Nurnberg For the past five years, Viking River Cruises has consistently […]

Day Eight on My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Florence, David and the Selfie Stick

David, 500 year old hunk          Initially, I’d signed up for a tour that took its participants into the countryside where we’d tour a winery and make ‘afternoon snacks’ called ‘marende’.  Now I lived in Italy and have gone there several times afterwards and I […]

Day Four of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2. Aboard Viking Star at last!

First glimpse of The World’s Best New Cruise Ship of 2015          Day 4 dawned rainy and the roof top breakfast room at the Hotel Cram was filled with unhappy tourists.   I could not have cared less.  Because from the rooftop, I could see the […]

My complete review of Viking River Cruises Romantic Danube has just been published by The Daily Meal!

HOME/TRAVEL On the Danube River with Viking River Cruises On this cruise, your next meal is right around the bend in the river 5 July 24, 2015 | 05:26 PM  By Monte Mathews, Special Contributor    Monte Mathews This cruise is one of the best ways to […]

My story on the Oldest Restaurant in Germany has just been published by The Daily Meal.

HOME/TRAVEL/CULINARY VACATIONS The Restaurant in Regensburg, Germany, You Must Travel For Don’t miss the bratwurst in this city by the Danube River 0 July 24, 2015 | 05:09 PM  By Monte Mathews, Special Contributor          Monte Matthews This wurst is the best. There are […]

Top 10 Best Things about a Viking River Cruise

Top 10 Best Things about a Viking River Cruise

Above: Viking River Cruises Longship Tor docked in Passau Germany I admit it.  I cannot say enough good things about my recent “Romantic Danube” cruise aboard Viking River Cruises’ Longship “Tor”. I consider myself to be well-travelled. I’ve had the good fortune to visit 6 continents, many […]

Day Eight: The Last Day of the Trip in Nuremberg, Germany

It may look Medieval but 90% of Nuremberg was bombed out of existence in World War II.This copy was built to replace it.           As much as you know this day is coming, there’s a certain melancholy that sets in when you realize this wonderful […]

Day Four: Viennese Waltz

Schoenbrunn, the Hapsburg’s Summer PlaceAnd I thought houses in the Hamptons were getting too big.             The first of 29 locks the Tor willpass through en route to Nuremberg As night fell, Viking River Tor passed through the first of a series of locks […]

Day Two: Beautiful Budapest and the Viking River "Tor"

The Royal Palace on the Buda side of Budapest Despite having not slept since Wednesday, the city of Budapest beckoned and won over the comforts of the Tor, one of 29 Viking River longships that ply the Danube in both directions.  I finally arrived in […]

Day One: About Last Night…Air France’s Airbus 380 New York to Paris

Air France Flight 7 380 Airbus New York to Paris At least, there was wine. I think of myself as one of those travelers whose attention to detail leads to flawlessly executed travel plans.  But yesterday,  I forgot one very important detail.  I spent most […]